Fly Pics

An album of recent ties.
  1. Soft Hackle BWO Emerger
  2. Golden Stone Nymph
  3. BH Winter Black Stonefly (Simple version)
  4. Sparkle Midge Pupae
  5. Sulfur Biot Thorax 
A deadly pattern on the Clinch during the sulfur hatch from May to July.  Best sizes are 16 & 18.
  6. Sulfur Biot Softhackle 
An effective sulfur emerger for the Clinch and SoHo.
  7. Blake's Stripper Midge 
Absolutely without a doubt my most deadly fly on the South Holston.  Will outfish a zebra midge 3-to-1 on most occassions. ...
  8. Beetle 
A super-simple tie.  Effective for panfish or trout.  Glue a small yellow piece of foam to the top to have a handy dropper/indicator rig.
  9. Blue Quill - one of the first flies that hatch during the spring in the Smokies.  Have these on hand in sizes 16 & 18.
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