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08-09-2008, 02:42 PM
Well Guys,
I had my first experience fishing on the Little Pigeon River this past week. I got out there around 1200 and fished till 3:00. I put into the river upstream from the "Y" about 1/2 mile to 1 mile. Way to many folks hanging out any closer to the Y. I went with a yellow dry fly (dont know the name), after about 20 mins. it became a nymph . Forgot to get flotant, however; the now "wet fly" did give a good bite but no hook up. Just my luck, 2 cast later the fly became one with a tree limb 20 ft up behind me. The only other fly i had that was bright yellow was a bream popper fly, so I used it for a good while until it decided the water was too cold and wanted to hang out in a tree. Nonetheless, it was a great time, I had been wanting to hit that stretch of river for 5 years now. The fish are just too spooky, it could have been the time of day, the sun and moon alignment, or I'd like to believe the fish were already full from their early a.m. feeding :biggrin: lol...lol. It was just great being in the Smokies and doing some very relaxing fly fishing. Lookin forward to my next trip up there, and finding new places to catch the Trout. Great fishing to all! :biggrin:
Mark <::><

08-10-2008, 12:51 AM

Welcome to Smokies fishing! Watch out, one dose can be addictive. :eek:

Couple of points for you. If you were fishing above the Y, then you were on the Little River (East Prong) vs. Little Pigeon. The LP is the watershed that runs through Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville on the other side of the mountains. Other point, if you were fishing just above the Y, that's some of the toughest water to fish this time of year because of all the tubers. They keep the fish pretty hunkered down. The farther up Little River you go, the fewer tubers you (and the trout) will encounter and the better the fishing is. The closer you get to Elkmont, the better.

Hurry back, their calling your name. (Catch me, Mark, catch me!)

08-10-2008, 11:05 AM
I told you not to go up there, but you wouldn't listen to me. Now you'll just have to learn the hard way.:biggrin:

08-10-2008, 02:18 PM
Like nvr2l8 said, you were on the east prong of the little river, and way way to low on the stream for any decent fishing this time of year.