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04-01-2009, 03:09 PM
So a while back, one Easter, a friend invited me to go to Easter Sunrise Service with him.

I told him thanks, but no thanks. It was my first day off from work in three weeks and I planned to go to the river and give my thanks while fly fishing.

He gave me some **** about going fishing instead of going to church on Easter Sunday. I wrote this piece of free verse for him.

Well, probably I wrote it for me while thinking I was writing it for him. Then I invited him to come to church with me some Sunday. He never has. I hope, someday, he will attend Sunday Sunrise Service with me.

My Sunday sunrise service begins
I come here to pray as the fog lifts up
My thoughts rise up from self to heavens
To worship, thank, hold in awe, praise
Seek guidance, renew my faith
Rejuvenate my soul
Replace the patience in my heart
Then my conscious eye takes in this place

A boulder for a pew
Sermon clicked off by pawl
Hymns voiced by the falling stream
Rainbow trout flash like stained glass
Thermos coffee and yesterday's biscuit for communion
My church, built by the master craftsman
Standing the test of time
That's my Sunday sunrise service

Copyright 2007-Sharp Hooks and Tight Lines Music Publishing

04-01-2009, 10:21 PM
Amen, I love to go to church with the family, but to one the lord built is beyond compare.