View Full Version : Bamboo Bash '09

05-09-2009, 10:20 AM
In conjunction with Trout Fest, we will be holding the 5th annual Bamboo Bash. This is a group of dedicated fly fishers who use primarily or only bamboo rods in their fly fishing. There will be a series of workshops, open to the public, at Little River Outfitters on Friday and Saturday mornings of Trout Fest. These workshops will be conducted in the upstairs classroom at Little River Outfitters, as well as on the casting fields beside the shop. Any and all folks interested in the why's and wherefore's of bamboo flyrods are invited to attend.

The workshops will be directed towards familiarizing folks with the many aspects of bamboo rods, what to look for (and lookout for) when purchasing a bamboo rod, characteristics of the many vintage rods still available, discussions relative to the new breed of rod makers, as well as an opportunity to have your old rod appraised or to point you in the right direction for getting that old rod repaired or restored.

See you there!!!