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07-29-2009, 10:55 PM
Anyone planning any trips north for Salmon or Steelhead? Don't think I am going to make it this year. Really wanting to try a trip to Ohio's "Steelhead Alley".
Lets' hear about those plans!
Tight lines,

09-26-2009, 09:27 AM
Hi John:

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on this message board, I needed to create a new account.

Per the STEELIES, I will take 2 trips back to Lake Erie for the upcoming season. That’s about my norm each year. I will go for a week on each trip. Because of the high fishing pressure the creeks (weekends), I really only fish on the weekdays. I go weekends if the weather is nasty and causes some guys to stay home. The first trip will be in late-October or early-November. Then I will be in the area over the Christmas Holiday visiting my parents and relatives.

The December trip is a ‘crap-shoot’ because of the weather. I fished on Christmas morning two years ago when the temps started at 18 degrees with wind blowing (single digit wind chills). It was pretty tough and slick. At other times when the warm fronts move through, it can take 2-3 days for runoff to clear and make the stream fishable – rain or snow melt. But that’s the best fishing.

Since I grew up in Erie, PA and my family was in the fishing tackle business since the 1960s, I’m very partial to the PA creeks vs. the OH creeks. There’s lots of reading on the numbers of steelhead-smolts that each state stocks. PA started to also stock Browns – larger than smolt-size b/c they do not want the walleyes and pike to have an easy meal.

I know the PA creeks pretty well. There’s plenty of public and access. I mainly fish 3 creeks: Elk, Walnut, and 20 Mile Creek. Each of those fishing areas is no more than 30-40 minutes from my parent’s house where I stay.

For the other readers, there a bunch of guides for hire in the Lake Erie area (OH, PA, NY). More now days with the economy being the way it is. There are some that are more committed than others. Here are some names of guides that are worth the research: Plenty of time on the stream, they are into publishing and sharing their knowledge, they catch fish when times get hard, and they all have their ‘custom’ fly patterns. You know something is going when the masses of other fishermen want to know WHERE and WHAT these guys are using.

Don Mathews (Dfishinfool Guides. I think these guys were at the TroutFest last year)
Karl Weixlmann (He just had a nice video on FlyFisherman Web Site)
John Nagy (He just had an article in the Dec FlyFisherman mag about a NY Creek)
Greg Senyo (Steelhead Alley - has some great fly patterns)
Robert Williams (Screaming Reels)

Anyways, I probably had my best year last season. Presently, a few steelhead are starting to school at the mouths of the creeks and in the deeper trenches directly off the mouths of the creeks. They are starting to move out of their summer deep water habitat. The walleye fishermen are marking big numbers on their fish finders and are catching them trolling spoons.

But, the area is currently having very DRY weather. Therefore, the creeks are low and clear. Once they start to get more rain and cooler temps, the migration will start up the creeks. Most of the fishermen are still fishing for the Walleyes and Yellow Perch. Plus, deer season is very big in PA, OH and NY.

Over the summer, they had cooler weather and a bunch of rain. Therefore, it took longer for the lake to warm up and the walleye and perch fishing was delayed. That should prove better for the trout and the start of the steelie season.

BTW - I was just fishing with Bill. At the end of the day he landed a 20+ inch Brown on a Cicada fly pattern. Ugly Bug. Nice fish. I will send you a pic.

Keep in touch.

10-07-2009, 06:17 PM
Just saw this post! Where is the pic?! Hope you are well, and hey to Bill. Were you two on the Cumberland?

10-20-2009, 09:17 PM