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05-25-2011, 11:25 AM
... won't help your fishing if you just view them in this free video that is :smile: http://www.smokystreams.com/promo/tf_2011_show.wmv (http://www.smokystreams.com/promo/tf_2011_show.wmv). On the other hand... were you to buy one of our real maps, your luck will increase drastically.:rolleyes:

You might find watching the show entertaining. It was played at our Troutfest booth and showcases and zooms in on all our maps developed to date. The Windows Media Player file runs just under nine minutes and should stream pretty nicely on higher speed cable or DSL connections. Next year's edition will have sound of some type. Banjo music comes to mind. This is a temporary link, so please check it out soon.


05-25-2011, 11:58 AM
Fred, video looks great! I just ordered the full Smoky Mountain set.

Leave the Official park trail map out when you ship the order if that is O.K. - I have the Trails Illustrated 229,316,317 to use.

Keep up the great work!

06-06-2011, 09:03 AM
Good morning JoeFred,

The maps arrived last week and they all look great. I ended up with a spare Little River map, and it has already been put to very good use. I think having maps does help fishing though, a story and trip report to demonstrate:

I spent Memorial Day weekend at site #17, thinking I would beat pressure since so many of the trails in that area are closed due to storm damage. What I didn't know at the time was that the trail was closed above #17 - so the best fishing on Abrams wasn't open. I hiked up the stream until swimming would be the only way to go higher. Only 2 fish that weekend, a nice bass and some sort of overgrown shiner.

I met a very nice couple who were also staying at #17; they had brought in several keepers Saturday morning before I arrived. The husband, Mike was new to fly fishing and was working as hard as I was to catch them, with similar success. We spent Saturday night around campfires chatting, and we both fished in the limited area most of Sunday. As it was getting close to dark Sunday night, we were all frustrated with the poor fishing conditions, and decided to hike out that night. I had thought about leaving earlier in the day, and when Mike told me at ~8:00 that they were hiking out I decided to join them. That was my first night time hike, and it was really quite fun.

We had talked about other rivers during the trip, and I learned they hadn't fished the Little River. I had purchased the Smokeystreams Little River map a while back, and knew I had a second one coming with the complete set. I gave Mike my spare copy, and told him to give either site 23 or 30 a try next time he was able to get out.

Living much closer to the park than I; Mike and his wife headed out the next weekend (this past), and this morning I had an email from Mike:

We have put your map that you gave us to good use,that map is right about what fish is where. We just returned from campsite 30 where I caught at least 30 trout in about 6 hoursThanks for your work, JoeFred,

06-06-2011, 11:26 PM
Great story matt!!

Love night hikes. I usually only do mine in the winter when conditions allow. There is nothing better than being on Alum or Chimeys at night...especially when there is snow cover.