View Full Version : Park Maps Clearance: Help Your Fishing and the Fisheries

09-13-2013, 11:44 AM
10/24/13 Update:
The clearance is over. Thanks to those of you who took part thereby making a contribution to the Fisheries Scholarship Fund. The Friends staff very much appreciated the gesture.
– JF

I have about thirty (30) May, 2012 edition Smoky Mountains stream maps (below) that I'd like to be put to a good cause… actually... two good causes: Your fishing and the GSMNP Fisheries Scholarship Fund. The maps are 11x17 on weatherproof paper. The content is current. Changes since have been only cosmetic.

Cost is only $5 dollars each which includes shipping. $4 from each map purchased will be donated to the fund in your name (optional).
Limit of two per individual, please.

Shoot an e-mail to ....... for an up-to-date inventory, ordering instructions or other information.

Several years ago Little River Chapter Trout Unlimited and Friends of the Smokies set up a Fisheries Endowment to benefit up and coming high school or early college students and give them an opportunity to work in the fisheries field with the biologists at GRSM. The funds are donated to an account the Friends keeps, which gains interest, and from which Fisheries draws a small amount annually (~$4,000) to support an 8-week summer seasonal. Many of these interns come back a work as fisheries seasonals at GSMNP. For more information visit http://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/aquaticworld.htm.

Thank you in advance,
– JF