View Full Version : Royalex Canoes – Going, going, gone?

Stana Claus
03-28-2014, 06:33 PM
For the last 6 months or so I’ve been arguing with myself over whether an inflatable pontoon or solo canoe would be more suitable for float fishing the local rivers for smallies and such. Anyway, while doing some more reading on the subject, I saw where someone mentioned that the manufacturer of Royalex (the ABS plastic laminate used for many rough-water canoes) was going to cease production of that material. A quick Google search turned up some disturbing (at least to me) information.

Per this website (http://www.outdoorindustry.org/education/library.php?newsId=18916&newsSubType=Technology%20&%20Innovation&action=display) (and many more just like it), it was announced last August that PolyOne would cease production of Royalex entirely by April, 2014. Somehow I missed that information until now, but that certainly explains the price jump in canoes last year and tells me that prices won’t be coming back down before they’re gone completely.

So, if anybody was thinking about buying a new canoe made out of Royalex any time soon, you might want to get on the ball. Once the canoe makers use up whatever they were able to get before the plant shuts down, there won’t be any more coming. Unless of course someone buys out the patent rights and the only manufacturing plant in existence that makes the stuff which - given the fact that the only thing Royalex seems to be used for is rugged canoes, and there’s not THAT big a market - doesn’t seem likely. Oh, well!