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06-23-2015, 02:30 PM
Was a busy weekend for me. I participated in Chota Canoe Club's Canoe & Kayak school this weekend in Polk county. It was my first time helping since I have had my boys and it felt nice to be back on the water sharing my passion. Here's my buddy Trey teaching proper stroke technique on the lake on Day 1.


We ended the day with the lower half of the Hiawassee river and had a good time with several swims. That night they had me do the auction which I had done in years past. It's one place my big mouth pays off:rolleyes:

Sunday had me driving shuttle for Trey and our only student that day when all of the sudden I gaze out into the water and see a man in the middle of the river standing in a fishing raft with a camera in his hand in what appeared to be someone taking a selfie:eek:

The man looked vaguely familiar and even though I hadn't seen Breck's new raft in person, once I saw it was a Maravia, I knew it was him:biggrin:.

I finished dropping everyone off and went back to Towee to harass Breck. Turns out he was taking a picture of him and his son that was home from West Point for a week. I guess Buzz wanted having as much an influence on him as I thought;). In a stranger turn my paddling buddy James Cornett was there as well which threw me for a loop. Crazy who you run into. I told James to go catch up with Trey and Breck's son helped us shuttle Cornett's car to the takeout so if he didn't meet up with Trey his car would at least be in the right spot. We parted ways and made plans to fish on a Sunday soon. Sorry I couldn't take you and your son out Wednesday, but Daddy daycare calls. I went home and rested for tomorrow was Lynn Camp.

I first started volunteering with the fisheries 6 years ago and it nice to see a project come to fruition. Every time I volunteer, I am rewarded with great people, awesome data, and always have a great time while learning a ton. Monday morning I was running about 15 minutes late. I had to get gas and forgot to add the 10 extra minutes since it tourist season. I hightailed it up the trail finally getting a glimpse at some people crossing over to marks creek. I ran ahead and out in the distance there is Caleb. I yell apologizing for being late and asking where I need to be. He pulls out his paper and tells me that I'm working upstream and to run to catch up. While I did run for a hundred yards to makes appearances look well, didn't have the sustained energy to keep the pace up and quickly went back to walking. I just made it to the front of the group as we arrived at our destination. Whew!

Just because he is now the top man in charge don't think he doesn't do more than his fair share of the work. I'm sure he one of the few that are more anxious than me to know the numbers:biggrin:


Jim Watson came out to volunteer for the first time with fisheries work. He joined my sampling team and is a hardcore hiker. I know many here think I'm somewhat hardcore, but this guy at 62 totally kicked my butt on a hike a few months back.


We had some younger helpers as well.


And a close up


06-23-2015, 02:49 PM
And just because he's retired don't think that he not around anymore. And took shocker duty as well.


It's pretty cool to watch a 5 year old work with such diligence and do an great job dropping in fish for Matt to measure. He did a better job than most fisheries students:biggrin:


Shock Shock Shock the fish gently up the stream...


Steve while I just love to give him crap all day as his character just seems to bring it out in me, it was humbling to watch him in action as he would show "How it's done". The man can stir up the water to get a fish from way under a rock without kicking up sediment. It must take a long time to get that good


Another great group of fisheries students and a lot of great teamwork out here


Charity works to grab fish Matt has shocked up


The net at the top of our 100 yard section we sampled.


In all we sampled 2 sites Monday (not counting Caleb's group). There was well over 200 hundred fish in out first 100 yard site which works out to be well over 3000 fish per mile:biggrin: If my memory if right I believe that same site had 2400 last year. At the second site I never even saw the #'s from 3rd pass but believe that this site was 2200-2700? If anyone knows exactly let me know and I'll edit this post. I believe that site was like 1700 fish last year. So Lynn Camp seems to be in great shape and the numbers only seems to be getting better since the winter rain 2 years ago. Get out there and enjoy it:biggrin:

06-23-2015, 08:13 PM
Cool, good news.

I'm curious, what's the biggest you've shocked?

06-24-2015, 06:14 AM
There was one that was just under 10:biggrin: