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03-27-2016, 10:14 PM
I have never been a boat owner but am looking at getting one. I want something that I can put in our rivers and lakes to run up in sloughs, creeks and flats. Something easy to handle, cheap, stable, big enough for two and good for fly fishing out of. Any ideas. I am not looking for kayak or canoe as I don't feel comfortable on or in them. I'm not the best swimmer so I want stability. Any suggestions I appreciate. I also want to be able to run shallow as well

03-28-2016, 08:16 AM
I would look for an older model Carolina Skiff for thrift value. Search Craigslist farther back from the coast and you will find better deals.

The Principal
03-28-2016, 11:52 AM
I agree with Shawn's recommendation on the Carolina Skiff. Very stable. Mike , I know you have fished out of Shannon's many times.

03-28-2016, 12:38 PM
Yes I like Shannon's a lot. Looked at a new mako at bps but just more money than I want to spend. I want just a good flat bottom style puddle jumper more or less