View Full Version : Canoe Cooler - Advice Needed

04-02-2018, 06:53 AM
I've been thinking for a while now about getting a cooler for my canoe.

My logic is, I can extend my trips by bringing along a variety of drinks (especially on a hot day! and snacks) and make post-river life a little more comfortable.

I've had a little research and the choice seems to be between outrigger coolers such as https://wingmanoutfitter.com/product/canoe-cooler-outrigger/

Does anyone have any experience with either type? I really don't want it to affect my speed on the river or for it to get in my way as I paddle.

Any opinions welcome!

Stana Claus
04-02-2018, 08:49 AM
What canoe are you paddling? What other gear do you have currently taking up space? Unless you are paddling a very small canoe or have all available space already occupied, I don't see why you couldn't just stow a small regular cooler either in the bow, behind the stern seat, or under a thwart. In every canoe I've ever paddled, I've always had room for a cooler of some sort without it being in the way or resorting to having it outside the hull. SC

04-02-2018, 11:36 PM
Soft-sided cooler works well. I usually freeze a water bottle or two the night beforehand and use them rather than ice. As it melts, it gives me extra drinking water. Plus they last longer than cube/pellet ice.

05-05-2018, 10:34 PM
Ice Mule works great. Two different sizes to choose from.