View Full Version : Need help with Marketing Research survey about fishing habits

09-12-2018, 12:44 PM
I'm taking a few Marketing Research classes to get a certification and I decided to base my project on the habits/preferences of fishing. I need some people to fill the survey out. It's 20 questions, 10 minutes and nothing personal. It's centered around questions like "Do you prefer to fish alone or with others?" or "Do you usually fish from a watercraft or on land?". Questions like that.

If anyone is willing to answer it for me, the link to the survey is https://shaneivey.typeform.com/to/ypy0Qb.

I don't require any identifying information, but if you are willing to allow me to interview you a little more, there's a place to put your email address.

Also, I want to get a balanced mix of men and women so if you know of a woman who's an avid fisherman then send the link on to them as well.