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02-22-2006, 06:38 PM
I have never fished the Chatahooche (SP?), but am interested. *My Brother lives in Woodstock Ga, I live in Maryville Tn, and the Hooch seems like it has the possibility of being a decent stream as well as being somewhat central to us. *I have read about it in a few magazines, but how much can you trust them, also, if they tell you where to go, the other 500 people who read it may be in the same place. *Not saying they are not accurate, but first hand local knowledge I'll take any day.

Any suggestions on decent stretches to fish (wade, not float), and what time of year to fish them would be much appreciated.

Rock Hopper

02-23-2006, 10:02 AM
If you're talking about the Chattahoochee(Hooch for short, no T please. :) ) in town, there are a few access points where you can wade. Of course, all wading is when the generation is OFF. Please, please do not try and wade the hooch when they have the water running. People have drowned while fishing during power generations.
Right behind teh dam is a good place to wade but the rocks there are super-slick. Bring a wading staff. The river here now is full of wild brown trout. They have been reproducing in the river for years and the DNR finally acknowledged this fact a year or two ago. They are mostly small 8-12 inchers with alot of 6-9 inchers too, but there's always the chance of hooking into a 20 incher at any time when you're on the tailwater. ( The hooch also flows through Helen, GA, about 60 miles north of Atlanta)
From the dam down to Bowman's Island you've got midges, bwo's and some caddis in the spring.
*Jones Bridge park is probably the most popular wading area and has as much or more wadable water than the dam.( probably more total water, but some of the wading is tricky due to deep runs and holes scattered around that area - def. be careful because the combination of deep holes and sand can getcha stuck if you're not a little careful) bwo's and caddis rule the day down in this section. #12-#16 caddis and #12-#20 bwo's will serve you well. On weekends here when it's warm, look out for swimmers, dogs and a vast array of floating devices. pontoons, float tubes, rafts, homemade stuff you name it. this is the biggest park on the river.
Island Ford is another place to wade, but it's rocky, deep and the fishing isn't as good IMHO as it is at jones bridge and the dam. Caddis, stones, and streamers work pretty well here.
Which reminds me, you can fish streamers or buggers anywhere on this river and hook into some nice wild fish, some hefty stockers and if you're lucky a big stocker holdover trout or a huge wild brown.

hope this helps some.

03-08-2006, 10:41 PM
:-[ I just posted a question yesturday asking about places to fish in north Georgia. I should have read this first. This is helpful imformation for me.

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