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06-22-2007, 12:34 AM
reading byron's news of the roscoe flood really sadened me. I was fortunate enough to take a trip there this past fall. my short stay there was very eventful and left a real impression on me.

I arrived in roscoe around 11pm and was shocked to find the whole town asleep and everything closed. having never been there, I thought I could just cruise in and find a chain hotel or something. I was wrong about that. this place doesn't have so much as one strip mall. luckily I noticed a little bar that was open. I decided to go in and inquire about a place to stay. there were only about 5 people in there. they gave me directions to a small hotel down the street and told me to come back and join them after I'd checked in.

upon arriving at the motel, I found the office lights were off and the door was locked. outside the door was a cordless phone with a post-it note stuck on it that said, "call for check-in". so I called the number and after many rings a voice answered and said, "be right down". A woman in pajamas with wet hair came down, took my money and gave me a key.

after sitting in my room for 20 minutes or so with nothing better to do, I decided to meander back down to that bar. upon entering the bar, everyone gave me a great welcome and immediately insisted that I join them in "bar dice". I don't usually gamble, but you know what they say, when in Rome.... Well I ended up having a blast with these people, all local residents. they took me in just like one of their own. all of them either flyfished or knew enough about it. they couldn't believe that I'd taken the train all they way up from tennessee. I had to explain that where I was from, we didn't have trains, and that I'd actually driven my car. they couldn't believe it. "tennesee, that's down there by texas," one of them said.

Sometime during the night I asked them about a devastating flood they'd had the previous year. Had I known better, I would have never asked about this. It opened up a whole can of worms. one of the guys there had lost everything in his home. there seemed to be alot of bad feelings about various political decisions; decisions involving flood control. they told me more than I can remember, but I know I felt really bad for them all. I also remember that they all felt very helpless, and that it was imminent that it would happen to them again. and it looks like it did. I pray all those good people made out ok.