View Full Version : My Reason: Stories

10-07-2007, 10:58 PM
Hugh is right. We all have personal experiences on the water and they are all immensely powerful. When I'm alone on a stream I finally feel that I have time to think, to be myself and abandon whatever rat-race I'm part of that week. I'm just me. And I love stories. Listening and story telling are things that I've always embraced, more so as I see my loved one's grow older. Whether my dad tells me about fishing on the Clinch when he was my age, or my friend's follies in Elkmont, I'm all ears (My personal favorite is about a salamander and a brown trout ... but that's for another day). And so, this is why I fly fish: stories and friends. I share my stories with them, too, but their's are what keep me laughing, thinking, and remembering. Climbling moss covered rocks, watching the occasional bear, listening to the birds, and connecting with the world my ancestors settled in puts so much into perspective. Well, I'll stop here, because this could turn into long-winded prose very quickly. I hope I see ya'll on the streams, and maybe we can share a story. I can't wait to read more.