View Full Version : why I fly fish

10-08-2007, 09:29 PM
I started bait fishing at the age of 5yrs. My brother took me fishing at Senic lake in Ohio. I couldn't keep the line in the water long enough to catch a fish. My brother had one of my step brothers get my attention long enough to put a large bulegill he had hidden in the bait bucket on my line. I thought I has the king of all fishermen. 35 yrs later he finaly told me the truth. :biggrin: I have been fishing ever since. About 6years ago I got tired of dealing with the jet skis and boat traffic on Percy Priest and started a little stream fishing. went and got myself a wally world fly rod and my fishing changed. The bass boat has been in the garage ever since. I did leave the boat out one day and some thief did me a favor by cleaning out my rod box. Insurance bought me my first 5 wt Orvis TLS. I enjoy the skill and the stealth needed to catch wild trout. Bass Fishing I could put a rattle trap or purple fire tail worm on and catch a bass in about any body of water. But learning to match the hatch and crawling over boulders to fish a 3' wide plunge pool to catch a 5" brookie is better than winning the lottery to me. On 2nd thought if i win the lottery I would have more time in the mountians.