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10-30-2007, 12:22 PM
I posted this over on another board the other day, but got to thinking this post pretty well sums up why I fish. There are a lot of photos below. Some have been posted before, some not.

In addition to keeping in touch with my son and a way to spend quality father/son time with him, I've also found I walk much closer with God when I'm out somewhere fishing. The two times I feel closest to Him are when I'm fishing and when I am playing one of my guitars.

So, here is the year in photo review and a discussion about what fishing means to me.

With the 2007 fishing year starting to draw to a close, and reading some of the other posts with reflections on this year, I thougth I'd post the year review in photos.

This is the first summer my son and I have been fly fishing. He's 12 and I started fly fishing with him as something we could learn together and hopefully be able to spend some quiet time together. It worked. No, he does not have the fishing passion I do, yet, but he does love to fish and it's one of the activities where we can get beyond the "fahter / son" thing and just be fishing partners. We can talk about things on a man-to-man basis and sometimes just fish and not say anything at all. All summer, we only had one outing where things went badly and that was my fault not his. I forgot he's a kid and got frustrated with him for being a kid and not really being serious about fishing that one day. What a mistake and I promised him I'd never do that again and have kept my promise.

Before my son was born, I fished a lot and over the past 12 years have gotten away from it. This year, I remembered why I love to fish. I have also learned fishing is a great way to have a conversation with God. Something about the quiet time on the water enables me to talk with Him and not "to" Him. On the water, I can listen to what He's saying.

So, 2007 in review:
The first fish my boy caught on a fly rod. Your average creek chub. This was early March:
A whopper I caught. Just for the record, my son must have freakishly large fingers. And, for perspective, that dry fly is about the size of a coke can. (lol)


A very pretty warpaint shinner we caughe in the Smokey Mountains. If those fish grew to 10 or 12" I would fish for nothing else.

Brookville Tailwaters - our local trout stream

My son casting at Brookville

The day I forgot my wading boots (check out the shoes on that guy)

My boy being a kid looking at some butterflies on a rock. Fishing with him has helped me to see the world through the eyes of a child and when we look at our surroundings like a child does, the world is still a place filled with untold wonders. There are treasures around every bend and, you know, butterflies are really beautiful and taking the time to sit on a rock just to watch them is something we all need to do more often. Youth is wasted on the young! Guys and gals, let's keep on fishing and never grow up.

One of the last fishing days of the season.

Well, that's a sampling of the fishing this year. We've had a great time. Daniel (my son) and I are already planning a fishing trip in 2008 out to Yellowstone and several long weekends in the Smokeys, and a number of weekday evening jaunts to a couple local smallmouth streams.

So many miles of water, so many fish, and so little free time to enjoy it all. There truly is a treasure around every bend and the water you're standing in today will never be in that same place again. Life and the world is a wonder!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.

10-30-2007, 07:49 PM
I think I can speak for a lot of folks and say, "Thank you".

11-02-2007, 10:27 AM
I wanna say thanks for that. Even though I am only 17, I seem to get very sentimental about fishing w/ family and friends and special days on the water (all days are special really..) But I do want to remind everyone that even though it seems like the end of the year is right upon us, remember it aint over yet! Seems like, last year, some of my best days fishing were this month and early December. But im not one to count things like taht....

And another thing, Jeff, thanks for introducing your son to this "addiction" we all call flyfishing. Im afraid that there just arent enough younger people holding fly rods.

As far as growing up...well, I think Im expected to that in the next year. I start college next fall and every morning I wake up and say "Justin, are we gonna grow up today? Nah! Theres always tomorrow.." And, tomorrow comes, but here I am still fighting it.

Gerry Romer
11-02-2007, 11:09 AM
As far as growing up...well, I think Im expected to that in the next year. I start college next fall and every morning I wake up and say "Justin, are we gonna grow up today? Nah! Theres always tomorrow.." And, tomorrow comes, but here I am still fighting it.

It's that old Peter Pan syndrome! Good for you!!

I'm pushin' 58 myself and still fighting it.:biggrin:


11-15-2007, 09:37 AM
Great post! Growing up doesn't mean you have to get boring! ;) ( Although I have some inlaws that think it's the only thing that makes you a "grown up". ppppfffttt. :) )

I'm 37 and I know the release dates of every near-future PS3 games by heart. I love watching cartoons, watching skateboarding events on TV, and racing those little cars around the go-kart tracks - and I don't drink coffee! Blah!
"Orange drink - orange juice, what's the difference?" as the kid in that commercial used to say!
You can grow up, without growing up - and you can love every minute of it. You just have to not give a rip about what other people think of you and your love of video games, skateboards or Foster's Home. ;) LOL