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Site Rules

1. Please be an adult.

This site is about information, friendship and fly fishing. It is also a family site. Language and tone are important to us. Please be respectful.

2. Please post like an adult.

Use complete sentences. Use proper spelling. Use capitalization and punctuation.

Do not use chatspeak. Write 'you,' not 'u.' 'Because,' not 'b/c.' PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT IN ALL CAPS.

3. Please use descriptive subject lines.

Please write a subject line which is indicative of the content of your post. Good: "Fishing the Little River, 5/10/2010" Bad: "Some thoughts."

Using a descriptive subject line will not only help the rest of us identify your topic, it will help you get more replies to your topic, since other posters will better recognize it.

The administrator will edit the subject lines of topics that are too vague.

4. Please do not reply to yourself.

We've enabled "Edit" so that if you forgot something, you can add it!

5. Please do not spam.

We do not allow links to other sites that sell fly fishing tackle. Any such posts will be removed and you will risk being removed from the board.

6. Please reread your posts before you post them.

This should go without saying, but you might be surprised. Seriously, read your post before you post it. Think about how it reads to others, and whether it's relevant to the topic. Also, it is not cool to be intentionally offensive. Don't do it. It's also not cool to be sarcastic, "joke around" or any other form of language in order to provoke someone. Don't do it.

If you feel you are provoked, DO NOT respond. This will make you equally wrong. Instead, contact the administrator of the board or report the post via the "report post" button.

7. Please don't violate site rules.

To maintain the board, we reserve the right to remove any posts we deem inappropriate, for whatever reason and without explanation.

We will issue warnings to members who violate the site rules. Members who receive 3 warnings will have their accounts suspended or will be banned. Suspensions or bans will last for a duration set by the administrator.

8. Please mean it if you choose to proclaim your exit from the site.

Be careful if you decide to "flame-out" on an issue. Internet drama queens who ask for their accounts to be deleted will be accommodated. Following the forum rules will prevent this from happening.

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