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    Re: bear attacks

    They just had a show about this on discovery channel the other night. The big cans of pepper spray definitely aggrevated the bear into leaving.

    Don't drop your pack and run!!! The pack on your...
  2. Finding Hatch chart for Cumberland River

    Right now I have been using a hatch chart I found on the web for Tenn/North Carolina. So far it seems Cumberland River is pretty close to having the same hatches. Just wondering if anyone knows if...
  3. Need a general info area on the forums

    Well I wanted to post how I love the new Information Panel on the website with temps, flow, weather, barometer, and fishing gauge!! Howevever did not see an area for just general conversations.
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    Re: Beginner Fly Tying

    This weekend I stopped and looked in a pool on the stream and started sifting through the rocks. I noticed the stonefly was everywhere!! I was able to catch several fish on something that resembled...
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    Re: Keep or Release????

    I am curious on how good the fish are to eat with such a high acidity in the water. I am a big believer in C&R just because if I want trout, salmon, whatever I can get it pre cut from the store. Not...
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    Heading to Gatlinburg Friday

    Well its the wifes B-Day so we are going to head down for a weekend of fun. Might head over to townsend to do some fishing not sure yet. We are going to be staying in Gatlinburg on this trip so the...
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    Re: Thinking of giving it a try.

    First thing to do is make a stack of rocks right where the water meets the bank. This way you can keep an eye on those rocks and determine if the water is going up or down. I fish the cumberland...
  8. Cumberland Tail waters plus Weekend report

    I really got back into fly fishing in 2005 after taking a trip to Alaska and now I am sharing my knowledge with some beginners. This weekend I really stumbled onto something that made my trip one of...
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    Re: Favorite time of year?

    There is something to be said about 4-5inches of snow on the ground in the middle of winter. The fishing is not on fire like the spring but I just love how beautiful everything looks. Fall is ok but...
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    Re: Winter Fly Patterns

    My first trip to Gatlinburg landed me ZERO fish!! The next trip I got a guide who showed me how to fish that area. I was actually doing a LOT of things wrong. He showed the importance of being quiet...
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    Re: Average size........

    When I first started bass fishing my average fish was pretty small. It was VERY rare that I landed the big fish. Then the more I fished where talking day in day out the size got bigger. I started...
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    Re: Coming back down this weekend

    I have been using a 6wt St.Croix Legend Elite which was a little overkill for Gatlinburg. I ended up getting the professional series Lefty Creh from suggestions at the store and my buddies have em. I...
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    Coming back down this weekend

    The wife and I decided to make a trip down last weekend. As usual I spent a bunch of money at the outfitters!! :) I love my new Temple Fork Outfitters Rod 4wt 4pc 8' for Gatlinburg.

    I think we...
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