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    had a 7'6" diamondback cane rod in hand today --my friend Darrell--bought it on Ebay---Made in Cortland New York---It felt great---Said they are no longer made---He bought it for 150.95---What is the deal on these rods--are they diamonbacks?or cortlands?this rod had a lot of quality---

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    I heard several reports of them coming unglued I cast a couple when they first introduced them, they cast & felt nice for the money.
    Of course they were made overseas, hopefully your friends rod had some good glue in it.


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    Thumbs down Chinese Cane Rods

    This topic has been beaten to death on the Classic Fly Rod Forum. Suffice it to say that you generally "get what you pay for". In the case of the Chinese built cane fly rods... they've got a long way to go. They well may get there in the future... but as of now... they haven't made it. One of the primary faults seems to be in the quality of the ferrules.

    There are LOTS of hobbiest rods available for under $500, and many quality old production rods even less than that. I'm certainly not a "!00% buy US" type, but do stay away from Asian rods.
    Petri Heil - Ralph

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