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Thread: Why do bank fisherman use corn?

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    I fish the clinch alot and I don't fly fish. Not enough action for all he effort. I mainly use rapalas and spoons. When the fishing slows down and its lunch time we go to corn for a little while. Corn is a for sure bite. I know this site is geared towards fly fishing, and most of you all on here frown on spin fishing. I would rather catch more fish. Thats just me. I don't keep alot of trout, and neither do the guys that fish with me, even when we catch them on corn. So don't think all people that use corn are just stocking their freezer.

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    Default Do we have to put others down?

    Personally, I have become a FFer because I like the challenge of the cast and hunting the fish. Maybe I shouldn't reveal the fact that I used to be a spin fisherman and, please forgive me, I have actually used bait. I am lucky enough to get to fish an unfished reserve each year, but I also have as much fun sitting on the bank of the Ohio with a couple of my nonFFing friends, sipping a brew and catching whatever. We pick up before we leave.

    I also hate fisherfolks who trash their area and load up on undersize fish, but they are the minority. I have certainly seen those pure-of-heart FFers carry Steelies to their truck and then start harvesting again. I have seen FFers leave curled up leaders behind, toss their beer bottles anywhere, and generally act like the horrible spin fishers described in other posts.

    Just because we carry the long stick doesn't make us special. Sorry, I just get sick and tired of humans who have to put other people down in order to build themselves up.
    To Miss Nancy - she hated fishing, but loved a fisherman.

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    Default Bait Fishin

    When the bait caster was invented it added to fishing. I don't think there was any threat made to the fly rod. The bait caster made deep water and heavy fish a little more accessible. I don’t see many fishing reports of a catfish on a fly, but I often scheme on how to land a few pound catfish on a fly rod. Catfishing is pretty much given to a bait caster. Teaching a kid to angle with a fly rod is a huge learning curve, pushing the button on the Zebco is defiantly a lot easier for the kids in my family.

    The diversity of fly lines has given fly fishers many options, sinking lines are new in the history of fly fishing and opened up more of the water column to the fly fisher. At one point the only line available was waxed silk, and when it finally soaked up moisture it was too temperamental to use. It’s difficult to stop and think about the weaknesses and limits of the fly rod because there is enough entomology and streams to fill what little free time that’s available.

    I have used an old fly rod to present bait because allowing the bait to sink at its natural rate seems to be what is needed to pull some fish out or the water. All fish feed on bugs when they are small, but the trout are unique in that they continue to feed on bugs strongly while putting on size. Every fish has their species specific feeding patterns and more or less strategies are given more to one type of reel. Even though trout fishing has been given to a strong visual presentation of the fly, it should be known that they will follow a scent trail.

    And by-the-way, I do refer to myself as a bilingual fisherman just because I respect the many ways to do some catching.
    Fish have a good sence of smell and no nose, a good sence of hearing and no ears, and good vision. They could not manage the last one without eyes.

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