My son and I are planning a 10 day trip to Colorado in August and are going to do some "small" stream fishing. While there are endless miles of possibilities, we are looking at concentrating on three areas: RMNP, the Flat Tops Wilderness and the Telluride area.

For the Rocky Mountain National Park area we're going to try and hit a few tribs of North St Vrain Creek on the East side of the park, as well as Timber Creek and Paradise Creek on the West side of the park (tributaries of the Colorado)

In the Flat Tops Wilderness we are looking at Derby, Grizzly, Doe, Fawn and Buck Creeks. I'd like to get over to the North Fork of the White River near Trappers Lake, but I'm not sure we'll have the time.

The last leg of the trip is where we need help. We are looking at going to Telluride and camping in the San Juan NF. Ideally we would hit some of the tribs of the Dolores and San Miguel Rivers, but since we don't know much about the area we could really waste a lot of time fishing unproductive waters.

Does anyone have any experience fishing the small waters of the Telluride area and would be willing to make a few recommendations. Please e-mail me at if you would prefer not to post that info online. Also, what fly shops in the area would you recommend that could help us, as well?

We really want to stick to the small streams to chase after brookies and cutthroats, and stay away from the crowds. Any and all help is appreciated!