I copied this from a post by Tightlines in the trophyfishingtn.com forum:

I just got an email from Rhonda at Tim's Flies and Lies Outfitters in Lynchburg:

Greetings All: This is an URGENT appeal for your comments to save the current
trout water we enjoy fishing on the Elk. Please take time to read the report
mentioned below and send your comments immediately to Tina as noted at the end of the report. She is still accepting public comments even though the deadline is
past if you respond ASAP. The jest of it is that we stand to loose one to five
river miles of current trout water which would be from Farris Creek to Old Dam
Ford. If you have not fished this area, let me tell you there are some great trout
in there and it would be a shame to loose it since there are still about 22 miles
of river between Old Dam Ford and Fayetteville that could be habitat for warm water species and for protecting the endangered species. The Elk could become a seasonal trout stream like the Duck instead of year round trout fishing we have come to enjoy. If you have noticed how slow the Elk is fishing this year despite the fact that many, many trout have been stocked, the high water temperature caused by the spilling from lake has caused the river temp to increase to around 67 at the dam, 70 at Farris Creek and 75 at Old Dam. This is simply not good for trout!

Please, please voice your comments asap if you enjoy trout fishing! Also, forward this message to anyone else that can help or comment to TVA. Thanks, Rhonda @ Tim's Flies and Lies

This was is the website I was given: