Fished the Toccoa yesterday with my good friend Guitou (you all may know Guitou from a certain Fly Fisherman article on the S Holston River; he's holding his buddy Brad's monster brown trout in a photo there). Well, we WRECKED IT. Four rainbows in the 3-6lb range that we landed along with a few smaller fish and he missed a brown that was trying its best to eat his streamer right at the boat. The brown was HUGE and was so close the last time he tried to eat that his head came out of the water right at the bow of my boat, slapping the side of the boat with his tail when he went back under. It was crazy.

Big streamer patterns. I'll post a few pics when I have a chance to get them re-sized and out of RAW format. It's on like Donkey Kong down here right now. Sulphurs and Cahills are beginning to come off in force. Now's the time folks.

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