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Thread: Yellow fly favs

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    Default Yellow fly favs

    Got a favorite yellow fly? Post it here.....
    These are mine.
    1. foam yellow sally
    2. Yellow humpy
    3. yellow stimi
    4. yellow foam smallie popper
    5. yellow gurgler
    6. yellow stealth bomber

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    Default Nice flies

    Those look deadly, Troutman...

    I would glady fish with any of those. If I had to pick personal favs I would say:

    Yellow para-adams
    Yellow stimi

    I've only fished for Smallmouth with a fly on a few occasions.....without much (any) success. But if I had some from your pics (especially the bomber...that looks like a tasty treat) in my aresenal, I know my luck would improve. rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    Yellow Stimulator
    Yellow Neversink caddis
    Yellow Doculator
    Yellow Para-adams

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