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Thread: 3wt bamboo?

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    Default 3wt bamboo?

    is there any tapers that will work on 2 or3wt wt bamboo rods,if there is then what length rod would fit--most rodmakers shy away from light line rods,-why?

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    The biggest reason most makers avoid super lightweight bamboo rods is that the taper is so thin. If a bamboo rod has a tip diameter of...say, fourty thousandths of an inch, then the sections that make up the tip will be twenty thousandsth of an inch thick. To hand plane something that thin is quite tedious. I actually built a 1 wt. bamboo fly rod back in March for a fella to fish the brookie streams of the park. Talk about thin! If you are set on a light bamboo, I would consider a Devine Fairy which is a 7' 6" 3pc. 3wt., or a Heddon Extra Light Trout 8' 3pc. 3wt.

    Hope this helps..

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    Yes there are many 3wt. tapers.Rod lengths can vary from 6'/8'. Most rod makers do not shy away from lite line rods almost the opposite is true. Varmit country has named a couple of good tapers especially the Heddon one.

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