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Thread: KY Brook Trout

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    I just got my Ky Afield Winter 2009 and there is an article on page 34 about access to the East Fork of Indian Creek in Red River Gorge. It says that it is a popular trout stream in the Gorge and is stocked in March, April, May, and October.

    Anyone know anything about this


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    Most if not all of the streams in "the Gorge" are stocked in October and catch and release till May. BUT this year I am fairly sure they were not stocked in October- The rumor I heard has it that the hatchery at Wolf Creek Dam released into the Cumberland rather than hold them due to water temp problems. I spent a weekend in early November scouting and found no trout had been stocked in the Gorge at that time. You might check with the folks in Frankfort as to updates. Trout have a very hard time surviving the low water and high temps found in the summer. Chimmey top and Parched Corn might be the only natural reporducing streams there.

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    You guys can check this website to see when KY stocks streams.

    This year, most of the state experienced an unusually warm October which caused the state to delay stocking most of the October streams until mid to late November.

    Hope this helps.

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