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Thread: East Tenn. Tailwaters

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    Default East Tenn. Tailwaters

    This is what it looked like today on two of the upper East Tn. streams.
    I know that lots of people are anxious to get out and feel the bend of the rod from a good fish. They are willing on at least one of the streams and as the temps rise we will begin to see all of them come alive. The generation schedules are slowing down some and you may want to give it a try. I ran into a friend from the LRO board named No hackle and I photograped him and my self for a few minutes. The fish were feeding well on the South Holston. It was a little slower where I was on the Watauga. There is still a lot of melting snow coming into that stream and it is holding the water temps down.
    Good luck when you get out.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    Hugh it was very nice to meet you. I'm sorry I didnt get to say goodbye to you but I went on down stream. Caught more trout than I had a right to on that copper and olive I showed you only a smaller size. The sulphers we were talking being a tan color showed up but not in great numbers did manage a few on top. I ran into a guy who said they were everywhere lower on the river. Hugh again it was a great pleasure spending time with you and hope to run into you again sometime.
    No Hackle,Lynn Hayes

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