It's been a while since I've been on here and posted. The waterfowl season has ended (thank goodness) and most thoughts now turn to fishing. I'm probably to blame for all the rain. We really needed the rain in the late fall to fill up some fields and potholes for the duck season. We got it all right, but I'm thinking it was too much of a good thing. After praying for big rains, it really didn't help that much with what little duck migration we got around here. I've seen some post where some smaller streams are fishable but the tailwaters may take a while. One of my fishing partners has a drift boat that we built last year and it looks like it could come in handy. A trip somewhere may be in order as soon as the weather stabilizes. Hope everyone stays safe while wading if they choose to try and wade below any dam right now. Wrong time of the year to get wet.

Good fishing,