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Thread: Fishing in Yucatan

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    Default Fishing in Yucatan

    Hey Y'all, I just got back from Cancun where I watched my brother get married to a wonderful girl. Naturally I also looked at this as a fishing trip, so i took a week, booked a guide and started tying flies. I had never fished in mex, and to be honest Cancun would be one of the last places I would ever go, but my brother thought it would make it easier for the 70 or so guests to fly to one place non-stop, plus we got in a sweet 5 star resort, I am the grass hut kinda guy, and my brother is the 1st class type all the way. So after getting ripped off on the cab ride the first morning we hit the water. i fished with the owner is a Dutch fellow name Martin van Der Does and he has a killer set up, the guide "Mao" was terrific as well. We fished three days and it was awesome. I don't know how many I boated or jumped but it was a lot. I broke off several that were bigger in the 70 lb class Mao said, strong fish. While Cancun is like a disney type place and not my style it was cool to get to fish an area of the world i probab;y wouold never go. Plus I would imagine that anyone on a fishing specific trip would land in Cancun and either head north or south to more notable fishing areas, thereby leaving the fish in the Cancun area un touched. Didn't see another flats boat the whole week. Good Stuff

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    All are beautiful fish and it seems to be pretty smart to fish the waters that all others seen to ignore!!

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    You gotta love baby tarpon!

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