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    Had a great trip with MTFF last weekend. About 12 guys came up, and everyone had a good trip. I was nice because everyone headed in different directions. Scott a good friend of mine had never caught a brookie. So we decided to head to one of the remote brookie streams. I gave him first water and at the first hole on the third cast he became one of the insane members of brookie mad men!

    I followed him up, about 2mile in I was climbing out and grabbed a rotten vine and fell 5-6' backwards into the river, then feel again on my second attempt. I was real lucky on both falls, hit the deep pool only inches from rocks. I scared me so much that I have decided not fish remote back country alone anymore.
    Scott caught 6 or 7, then was rock hopping when his camera fell into a fast run. then he tangled his dropped and broke off. He was done! So I fished while he watched. Caught 10 or 11 brookies. Three were real nice.

    Headed out around 6:00 and I realized that we were the only ones on the creek all day. If i had hurt myself on the falls no would have found me for at least 24hrs. No more fishing alone.
    Saturday I took thee of the guys to walker prong and put them on one of my favorite stretches. I got bored waiting at the truck and decide to fish the water above. I have fished this section before but it is usualy full of rock flinger and picture takers. I had the water all to myself. Caught 1 brookie and 9 bows. The bows had bright white fins like a brookie. Is this cause from spawning or are they inter breeding with the brookies. I didn't get a good picture but this one is OK.

    Fished a few other ares but didn't a ton of fish. they seem to be slowing down some. Any thing yellow was working. Green weenies worked well. Caught a few on a Padams BHPT, Red Copper John.

    Sunday I was ready to head to the house, man was I beat. Broke camp was getting in my truck to leave and on of the fellas wanted to go after backcountry for Brookies. What could I say, it like cocaine. I just can't say no! What I thought was going to be a 4hr trip turned into 8hrs. I fished 2nd water most of the time, but I was so tired I didn't care. Never thought I could get too tired to fish, but I did, Is it being almost 50 and acting like I am 30? I caught only 3 missed about 10 (slow reactions) but had a great time. worth getting in trouble from the wife for getting home @10:00.

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    That's great! Enjoyed the report and pictures, we need to get together and go sometime. I'm the same way, takes me 2 days to get over a trip but I love catching those little fellows. There's nothing else quite like it, its probably the scenery too much as anything.
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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    Great report and photographs Vern. I can relate to all of the story. Love the brookies, love the mountains.

    Have done the same to my wife also (when I read her your post, she was rolling with laughter).

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    Vern, Your story brought a tear to my eye. I've never had a friend so kind as to give me first water on a great brookie stream! I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers to go fishing backcountry now.

    Regarding fishing back country alone, I share your concerns. I have had some close calls that have gotten my attention as well. Does anyone know if GPS works in the park to where you could send a distress signal from your location?

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    I have found that most places in the backcountry a gps has a hard time. I have thought about a spot or other emergency gps, but hate to spend the money only to find out that it has the same problems as my Garmin. AS far as fishing 2nd water, its hard for someone to watch someone else fish a section. on the small stream it is hard to leap frog ahead of someone with out spooking the fish. I think the best way is to take turns. Sunday we started with four and one backed out and headed to the truck. Three of us continued up, tried to take turns, but some people have a hard time waiting, everyone tried to leapfrog but like I said I don't think you can leap frog working up the stream bed. I don't care what you say pure virgin water makes a huge difference. Down low on the bigger streams I can fish behind someone because I like to hit the little pockets everyone overlooks. But on the small streams all you have is the little pockets.

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