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Thread: Tiger Eye Blanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5xtippett View Post
    I just saw this thread the other day. I have been fishing TFOs for a good many years. I just might get a rod built sometime. How would a Tiger Eye 4/5 weight compare?
    Depends on what TFO you are talking about... I would suspect that the TE blank would be a tad faster with more oomph than say the finesse series. Like others have mentioned, that 7'6" 3wt/4wt seems to be a very popular blank among small stream anglers but looks like you are set on the 5wt. As to multi piece rods, just take a look at today's rods and see how many are 4pc. I see so many of the "classics" now being sold on ebay and most of the time it's because they are all 2pc.

    Not trying to steer you away from a custom rod but the TFO warranty is great for those rod malfunctions that happen from time to time when fishing the mountains. It would be very easy to get your hands on a 7'9" 4wt. or 5wt. finesse at LRO and give them a cast, if you haven't already done so. I own both and the 4wt. makes a great, light, sensitive dry fly rod. The 5wt. definitely has a tad bit more guts than the 4wt. but is still smooth. I have caught everything from 5" brookies to a 23" brown on this rod. When I really want to slow things down and I'm in the mood for a full flex kind of day... I fish dries on the 4wt. with the 5wt. line. I only get in a few casts in a whole afternoon of fishing...

    Tight Lines,

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    I took your advice Knothead, and ordered the blank you suggested from Mudhole. Thanks and take care.

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