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Thread: Ohio Steelhead Record

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    Default Ohio Steelhead Record

    I like to see people catching big fish . . . . this is an awesome fish for Lake Erie . . . . way to go OHIO.

    Tallmadge angler reels in what looks to be a record-breaking trout

    Updated: 6/26/2010 8:12:36 AM Posted: 6/25/2010 4:47:16 PM

    AVON POINT -- A state record that has stood for 14 years may soon topple. A Tallmadge fisherman has reeled in what's expected to be a record-breaking steelhead trout.

    While fishing the waters of Lake Erie off Avon Point, Jason Brooks caught a steelhead measuring 38 inches in length and weighing 21.3 pounds.

    The fish was weighed on a certified scale and checked by the Division of Wildlife.

    The next step to the state record is to have the catch verified by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio.

    The current record holder weighed in at 20.83 pounds. The fish was caught in 1995 near the same spot off Avon Point.

    2010 WKYC-TV

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    Awesome looking fish. Imagine catching that dude in one of Lake Erie's tributaries!


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    Default Big Ohio Lake Steelhead

    What a pig! That looks like a male in build, can't see a kype on the jaw though. What a fish though!
    Thanks for posting,

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