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Thread: Where have all the fly fishermen gone on the Clinch?

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    I agree there are all types from bait slingers to fly chuckers, however conservation does tend to fall more on those fly fisherman and dinner on the bait anglers. I agree also about the inconsiderate anglers who just wait until the hatchery truck arrives and then fish out the hole at miller island right at the ramp within minutes of their departure. I have witnessed this too many times and have called the TWRA poaching hotline countless times to no avail.

    However, I was not trying to start a war between the two, just wondering if maybe all the excess stockers are part of the problem with low results right now. Mind you I have been doing quite well on BHPT and small midges as usual, but never to the consistency as the spin fisherman. I assume it is the fact they use similar baits as the hatchery does for feeding so they are used to that rather than any naturals that fall in the river. I have outfished my fair share of bait anglers in the spring, fall, and winter I suppose when the stocking subsides, but the summer has always stumped me aside from the sulfur hatches. I still have disbelief in the slot affecting much since all these 10-12 inch stockers are constantly being harvested so what prevails is minimal. I have even been asked on all of my recent weekday trips that rather than put any fish back that I catch, if I wouldn't mind giving them to some of the bait anglers, to which I promptly refuse. I am a teacher so the luxury of the summers off certainly helps to get in the frequent flier mileage, but I have not been too productive this season and wonder if I am doing something wrong.

    I agree that for the most part our sport does not allow many fly fishermen the chance to hit the rivers as often during the week. My employment has some perks in that regards, but lets face it, we have to work to pay for those helios, TCX, Winston Borons, etc... I have reels that are more than the whole outfit of some of the bait folks including all their lures. Wouldn't stretch to the point of saying that fly fisherman are probably not as prevalent during the week do to more employment, but you guys may be on to something based on the impression I get from some of those fellows. Glad my tax dollars can keep them fishing.

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    Yellowsulphur, you are on to something, bait slingers primarily catch fresh stockers, and they have recently dumped a bunch in the river. The fish which are raised in the river from fingerling stocks or natural reproduction are much less susceptible to bait. The slot appears to be working and working well, there is just a lack of fish on the large side of the slot, plenty inside it, but very few which exceed it based on the year I have had.

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    I was wondering if people had noticed an increase in size, possibly due to the slot. I have not fished the river long enough to have anything years of knowlege as far as size. I was talking with Cal the other day and he says he has noticed some larger fish. (minus the recent stockers)

    We talked about the slot a little more and mentioned the idea of how the slot could make the Clinch a bit more technical in years to come. Possibly more educated (I know fish aren't smart, but they definately adapt)

    I grew up fish north arkansas tailwaters and the slot really helps there. I guess only time will really tell. I say let the bait guys have the stockers and I'll focus on them big fat holdovers!

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    yellow sulphur29, you need to get a description of a vehicle and license number in order for the TWRA to do something effective. This way they can look for the vehicle during their rounds and check the folks in the area. When you call, the TWRA officer/officers might not be in the area or off duty or a number of other reasons why your call was not followed up. Most counties have only one or two officers which spreads them very thin.
    John Torchick

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