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Thread: Fishing Buddy Hook-up Thread

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    Default hey combo I'm down to go!

    I would love to go fishing with you. I'm new to fly fishing though. Would split the gas with you. Just email me whenever.

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    I've got a brand new Clacka Eddy, which I don't know how to row. I'm open to treating somebody good for teaming up and showing me how to float her without sinking it.

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    I might be down for a good ole fashioned drift boat race one day this winter. The key to rowing a drift boat is to think about everything backwards. If you are going downstream and want to go left, point the BACK of the boat to the left (not the front) and back pedal. If you try to drive a drift boat like a car you will smash the chine into a rock everytime. It sounds totally weird but you want to point the nose of the boat AT the object you want to avoid (rock) and back pedal away from it

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    Appreciate it. I've had a couple people offer to go, but they can't this Saturday. I will run the Clinch on 1 generator myself, if need be.

    I'm not looking for someone to row me around all day. I'd just like the security of having a knowledgeable boatman on board, and learn the basics along with other tips (anchoring safety, etc.).

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