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    I just bought my first abel reel today. I own several ross and orvis brands. What are some of your takes on the Abel reels? I bought a super 3N and am putting it on a sage z axis. I never had any experience with Abel reels and I had a hard time deciding between it and a bauer rogue 2. Hope I made the right descission.
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    Congratulations on your purchase. I think you will be very happy. The Abel's cork drag is one of the best. The Abel Super series are probably a little more then needed for a trout rod. Even so my wife and I have three. I have a Super 4 on a five weight Sage XP and a Big Game series on a 7 weight Sage Z Axis. My wife has a Super 4 on her Winston. Get a small bottle of Neadsfoot oil to keep the cord drag in shape and when not in use loosen the drag so not to compress the cork. Their warranty service is great if needed. You paid for a premium reel and that is what you got!

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