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Thread: Cleaning boots, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyman View Post
    Good info Whitefeather, I'm still reading and researching the whole mess. Maybe what I understood was that it thrived and became a problem under a narrow range of certain conditions. I wonder if the fact that so many of our mountain freestone streams are shady has helped keep it to a minimum in the park? I was surprised to find that it could withstand such a range of conditions.


    Good for you! That's all I ask, as a fellow fisherman, is for people to be informed, decide for themselves, and not be hoodwinked.

    Is didymo a problem? Absolutely! Do we need to clean our gear? Absolutely! To help stop the problem, but not to stop it entirely because there are far too many factors being left out of the information loop that are far greater contributors to its spread than fisherman.

    But it's not Armageddon and there is a reliable solution without "re-tooling" the entire fishing industry.

    Think of this. Did didymo just show up recently in the last few years?

    Absolutely not! It's always been here!

    It's just that science and research grants and "evolving partnerships" and the news media have finally revolved to this subject, focused on it, and adopted it into their long term campaign plans. Then publicized it like "chicken little", trying their best to make it appear to be an invasive, which it is not in North America, so they can lump it in with the other true invasives, to get more money flowing in the "grant" industry and the economy racked fishing industry.

    IMO, when TU partnered with the Utah Fish and Game commission, as requested by UFG, to help stop the spread of didymo, it was in Utah's selfish interest to use TU and the money they generate from other parts of the country to stop the "didymo contaminated fisherman" from other parts of the country from spreading the algae into Utah's waters, with TU's support and blessing, knowing that they reach a wide audience. Therefore the ban on felts and TU's campaign for a ban on felts nationwide.

    If the 2% bleach solution works (rhetorical) then why the bans on felts? A felt ban is not going to stop didymo from spreading from a contaminated nymph fly, one iota! Do you want to bleach all your flies after you use them? You'll be doing a lot more tying new ones to replace the ones that the bleach has destroyed! Bleach denatures rubber and vinyl, by the way, and causes it to weaken and eventually crumble.

    There are far more ducks going from steam to stream than fisherman. And beaver, otters, bears, coyotes, geese, escaped monkeys from the zoo, and all other migrating wildlife, and so on.

    Ban them too? Nah, they don't spend money.

    And, didymo traveling from stream to stream at least a hundred more
    different ways than is being said. People, their clothes, their vehicles, ATV's, boats, pets, you name it.

    Think of this. That new batch of fly tying feathers, saddles, partridge, and pheasant that you just received in the mail, just might be contaminated with didymo spores, and you'd never even know it.

    Yes, I am passionate about this subject. I'm just tired of being (as a fisherman) a victim of clever marketing schemes.
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    Whitefeather, thanks for the info. Copper sheeting was applied to the old wood ships to prevent barnacles from attaching to the hull.
    The latest issue of Flyfisherman magazine had a review of shoes that had a ratcheting cable system that eliminated laces. Laces were eliminated since they could be a harbor for unwanted stuff. I was going to quote Ross Purnell's statement but the magazine has a statement against using any content without permission. Basically, he said that there is no magic wand to prevent didymo, et al., but emphasized that need to clean all your gear.

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