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Thread: Outdoor Gear Brand Loyalty

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    Default Outdoor Gear Brand Loyalty

    Just curious how many people out there practice brand loyalty. I understand not using the same brand for all of our outdoor adventures. However, if you find a brand that you particularly like, do you stick with it even if it means a slightly higher price tag?

    For example, probably 90% of my hunting gear is Under Armour. Part of that is because it is so comfortable, and the rest is because they had this particular pattern on clearance and I got it all at a bargain.

    However, for fishing and hiking, I am not that thrilled with Under Armour as it feels to be a little bulkier and heavier than more hiking specific brands such as Marmot, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, etc.

    I have tried a couple of the big box brand items, particularly BPS and Wally World, and have been less than thrilled. They just were not up to par with the other more task specific clothing brands that I have tried.

    As badly as I wish that I could find one brand that could supply all my needs and sizing that I was familiar with, it just looks like that scenario will never happen. Regardless, it most definitely makes for some difficult decisions anytime I walk into an outdoor store looking for just the right item.

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    I am a stickler for only 2 items that have to do with this forum. I absolutely must have Patagonia Capilene tops and bottoms for hiking.

    I also must have Ex Officio vented fly fishing shirts. I do own other brands, but that was before I knew better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realtyman View Post
    I absolutely must have Patagonia Capilene tops and bottoms for hiking.
    You know I wish I had known about Capilene before I bought some Under Armour tops and bottoms for hiking. They wick really well, they just get uncomfortable when the temps climb in the afternoons. However, I find it hard to buy new gear to replace semi-new gear. Thankfully, they work quite well on my cool weather fly fishing trips underneath my waders and wading jacket.

    Something else I tried on yesterday and was quite impressed with was the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. Talk about nice. That was one sweet piece of clothing. May have to add that one to my Christmas list.
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    I certainly own many brands Simms, Patagonia, Mtn hardware. But if I can afford it the choice for me always goes to Patagonia. This is simply because everything I have with their name it lasts, and if it doesn't they stand behind it. Sometimes I have to go with other brands just due to money constraints but otherwise I'm wearing Patagonia. I'm in the market for a new set of waders, I hope the wife let's loose of the purse strings cause I like the new 2011 Patagonia waders!


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    I am an Orvis fan for heavy outerwear (waders, wader boots, heavy rain jacket, etc.).

    When it comes to warm weather gear, I go with Patagonia almost exclusively. I have a pair of the Merrell wet wading shoes( that are really good. This is of course for when I am in a boat or the water is warm enough that I don't mind dipping my toes in for several hours at a time.

    I have never tried Simms gear, but then I am still on my first pair of waders. Gear can get expensive, but to me it is worth it. If I get Wal-Mart waders they may last half a season. If I buy some (insert Simms, Orvis, etc.) gear then it is expected to last a while.

    I would consider myself very loyal to Orvis and Patagonia, and I only see that changing if either company were to really start pumping out garbage gear.

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