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    So I got a deal on a place in Exuma and I was wondering if anyone has been there. We are on the east side, north of Georgetown. Most flats are sand, we are getting a guide early on and also renting a boat and car. Can only take the boat within a certain area that includes Stocker Island. Not really worried about patterns as I have tons of all the ususal suspects,but if someone's been there and is hi on a certain pattern I would like to know for sure. We are going to do a good bit of DIY fishing so if any of you have been there any advise would be great. I have scoped out google earth of course and scrubed the net for info as well but most of the talk is based on guided trips. thanks
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    My wife and I spent most of a week there last year. I ended up not even fishing while there (long story). But the place is great. I would love to go back and do some fishing. There's an open air bar/restaurant all the way at the southern end of the island called Santana's. Stop and get their lobster. They only have 2 things on the menu, lobster and fish, so the choices are minimal. Without asking, the owner will whip out her picture album and show you all the pictures of her with Johnny Depp. I guess he ate there pretty regularly while filming one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. She's pretty proud of that. She also makes a mean rum punch.
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