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Thread: 3 rivers...... few fish

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    Default 3 rivers...... few fish

    I planned a trip to the French broad in my jon boat for Saturday. As I arrived at the seven islands WMA at 6am I found about 50 others launching. They were about to start a jet boat river bass tourney. I turned around and then headed over to nances ferry on the Holston another 45 min away.
    Arriving at NF , there was only one other boat there and a couple of fly fishermen on the shoal. The boat though was up as shallow as you can get and within casting distance of the fly guy. I really hate that when I'm wading and someone in a boat crowds me. I figure they are in a boat and can fish anywhere so why here?
    I launched and went downstream a half mile to the top of the next shoal and threw some topwater with little success other than a few largemouth or maybe spotted bass. I think they were spawning as they did not put up much of a fight. caught a couple of little smallies and rockbass also.
    I went back upstream to find several more boats and a large group of canoes working downstream towards me. I stayed a little while longer but It was getting pretty crowded with each other hopping around one another down the banks. I finally just resigned to leave and try again another day. 2 rivers so far and only a few fish to hand.
    I went home and mowed the yard, unloaded the boat and put away everything. I decided to relax awhile and wait till evening to wade fish another river. I noticed Friday while at work, there were lots of fishermen on the lil pigeon. I saw at least 10 people wading and a drift boat also had just launched below hardees and was working downstream. It has been getting pounded over the last couple of weeks. I went up about 6pm to a secret spot (ha ha!) with my old trusty fenwick fiberglass 4wt and some bluegill flies. I had a blast catching some beautiful redbreast and rockbass over the next couple of hours along with a few smallmouth. 3 rivers in one day and while it started out pretty frustrating, just catching some bream and small bass on a light rod on a warm evening always seems to take away the stress!

    spotted or largemouth?

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    Thanks for the report Gary. Everywhere seems to be crowded this time of year. Sometimes it's just good to be off work and on the water

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    Im thinking SPOT because of the small patch on the tongue in the back but man that looks like a typical LM. Good report. Hate the crowds. But put up with it when I can just get out and enjoy the water. Nice smallie on the Bomber too.

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    Nice fish! I am puzzled by the spot/largemouth. Like wade said, it seems there is a tooth patch and I can't tell from the pics exactly where the jaw ends, but a largemouth goes a lot further back than a spot, although both are behind the eye. It seems to have some "spots" along its belly, and it's dorsal fin might be connected (another typical spot ID), but hard to tell for sure. Seems to have a little of both, but I am going to say all evidence points to spot.

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    Gary, glad you got some good tugs on the line, yes the rivers have been busier than last year.

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