August, I'm off with the family for a well needed vacation to the Sapphire Valley. We'll be staying at Fairway Forest. While over the last 13 years I have become a Salt Life kinda fisherman I did grow up and spent many years chasing trout and smallies. I'm planning one trip into Panthertown Valley.....any suggestions for the best brook trout stream to fish there?

While I am mostly a catch and release kinda guy I do keep a fish or two from time to time and put my culinary talents to good use...any suggestions on the best stream/river in the area(30 miles) to put a few keeper trout on the table?

I noticed there are a number of lakes in the area. Has anyone caught any Pike or Muskie out of any of these lakes?

Love catching smallies, is the Tusk the only game for smallies in the area?

Last but not least, fly and ultra light lure suggestions please.

Many thanks in advance,