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Thread: bamboo for smoky mountains

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    I know it is late but.....
    I recently finished up a rod based off Paul Young's "Perfectionist". I absolutely love it. I have done everything with it that a smokies angler would need to do and it has performed fantastic. Dries and even double nymph rigs (just for the test of course). It is a true joy to fish with....
    And it will hold up to those mysteriouse big fish that hide up there as well.....
    Check it out if you get a chance. 7.5' 4 wt. Could probably be fished as a 5 as well.

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    I had Walter babb put me down for a 7 ft 9 inch Payne parabolic in a 5 wt. It is got a soft slow tip with a great power butt section. Slot of people don't like the parabolics but I do. It's going to be a great dry fly rod to add to my collection.
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    Paul Young Driggs taper, not for recent plastic users as this is a parabolic taper... but would be the one "do anything" bamboo for the Smokies. Actually, you need a couple/three rods to handle the park... a 6ft rod for the tight little streams, a 7ft 4wt for the larger more common streams and then the Driggs for everything up to the Little River or the Holston.

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