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Thread: Suggestions for 2 Planned "Dump" Camping/Fishing Trips

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    Default Suggestions for 2 Planned "Dump" Camping/Fishing Trips

    I will be camping (definition for dump camping is when you back up to the site and dump your gear out) with the wife and my daughter's family in cataloochee the week of the 15th and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to fish and what to use. I drove thru there yesterday and there is a lot of accessibility it seems. Also, I drove back to Big Creek via the Mt. Sterling Rd. and crossed the Cat. creek a few miles upstream from the campground and was wondering what the fishing was like there as well.
    My second trip is the end of this month with my adult son and I was considering Deep Creek. Any suggestions are welcome and needed, but please bear in mind that I am no able to hike more than a mile or so due to health issues.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help


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    Cataloochie creek through camp all the way up to Palmer may be good now. Or drive to the end of the road and go up palmer on the pretty hollow trail. It's reasonably flat so you should be able to get away from the pressured areas fairly easily.

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    Just fished Caldwell branch last weekend. Picked a couple of brookies. Didn't have to hike far. Would have caught several more if I was ab it more practiced.

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