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I believe if you are a true sportsman, outdoors-man, or just a good person, if someone is struggling with something you should help them. In this case we are talking about fishing. Since I could walk I have been fishing (I'm only 22) but the few years that I have been around I have encountered many different fishing situations, and I believe that people that fly fish are the most willing to share information to other angler. As an avid musky angler I will tell you that many other musky anglers, bait shops, and even some guides (minus Ty Sennett who is the best musky guide on the Chippewa Flowage) are not willing to give up their "special spots and lures" they will just beat around the bush for a few minutes tell you to buy a generic lure that 1000 other people are throwing and send you on your way. But fly fishing is different, anywhere you go in the country you stop in a fly shop you will get any sort of information you need. Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet the majority of y'all who post on this forum but I was lucky enough to meet bigsur one afternoon on the clinch and it was great talking to him and talking fly fishing. Many others like MadisonBoats, fourx, corbo, and many others provide great information on the forum. I would like to meet some of y'all out on the water sometime, for the most part I fish on the clinch at millers island but when the generator are running and I have a little time I enjoy go to the Smoky Mountains to enjoy what God created. So if ya'll see a gold jeep with Illinois plates, some trout stickers and a big power T on the back feel free to say hello.
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