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    My newest book, Flyfisher's Guide to Tennessee, was released Friday on Kindle form. The hard copy version is due here this week, hopefully in time for me to carry a few copies to hawk next weekend at the Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kindle version of this title is all color photo illustrated, while the print version of this book is mostly black & white photo illustrated with the exception of flies. It's a big book as these things ago, over twice the word count of Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains. It covers all waters in the state except for those in the GSMNP.
    I have two more books coming out this year (Flies and Fly Patterns of the Smokies; Stackpole Book in September, and There I wuz...; Whitefish Press, March). Wilderness Adventure Press, the publisher of Flyfishers Guide to Tennessee, currently has me contracted to similarly formatted book on the trout waters GA/NC/SC and we’re looking at some cutting edge GPS stuff projects. They good folks who I have come to really like. Anywho, I hope you check out the new title.

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    I look forward to the one about Tennessee especially. I know the one book that I bought about fishing in TN was ok but wasn't nearly detailed enough in terms of maps. Showing small sections of roads etc on a map is a little difficult to understand if you've never been to the area. I would love for someone to come out with a Muskie guide to TN.
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    I'm looking forward to the fly pattern book. Every year there are less and less and less tiers who use and tie the older patterns. LRO is one of the few places that I know of you can still get some of the older patterns.
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    Wicked Awesome; I will be certain to purchase a copy... was given a kindle a couple years ago... too complicated; gave it to my wife.

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