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    So now that I have a Gheenoe i have realized i now have a new issue. I currently live in an apartment complex that appears to be safe, but i believe that I will worry about my boat parked away from my front door in the designated boat parking. This Gheenoe is small enough that it can be easily picked up and carried away quickly. I will buy some cable and chain link to lock it up the best i can and i might even take off the motor for long term storage.

    Does anybody have any other good security ideas to keep my new toy safe and sound? are there products that i can lock the wheels on the trailer like a boot? just trying to protect my investment

    Thanks in advance!
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    I chain and lock my rims to the trailer . A good lock on the hitch and for smallers motors that have the hand tightners there is a lock for those at most marine stores or online also a good cover will keep it clean inside and ready to go

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    Get an insurance policy for it... Take some pictures and try to get it insured for the replacement costs and some liability coverage as well....

    Write down all your HIN, BIN, and Serial Numbers.

    This should get you covered for $3-5k for around $60/year. The piece of mind is worth it alone to me.

    Bass Pro and other companies offer some nice wireless security systems that are very affordable as well.

    However; deterrent is the key. Do not make it an easy target!

    Hope this helps...
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