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    I haven't posted in a couple years, but I wanted to remind everyone that the film tour will be making a stop in Asheville on Thursday April 4. it is held at the Highland Brewery and if you haven't been before it is a really cool event. I have been to the the tour every year. one time at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta and twice in Asheville. the films start at 7 and last til 9. the best part may be the food being served before hand from 5-7. my BBQ team, The Hog Whisperers, will be catering the event. We are currently the reigning champs for best ribs in East TN. So make plans to stop by for a great evening of food, brews, and excellent fishing films. If your there early enough, stop by and say hey to me, Aaron, and I'll make sure you have a full belly for the night!
    ><> Aaron

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    I was just telling the wife that I would like to go to one of these. But......I'll be 6 hours the opposite direction hunting turkeys, so I won't be able to make it. The worse part of it, is that I absolutely love good ribs.
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