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Thread: Cherokee July 14-20

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    Default Cherokee July 14-20

    Sorry, took me a few days to get caught up at work and home before I thought about doing a quick update. We camped at KOA Cherokee for the week of the 15th and I had the opportunity to fish several days. Action was decent with the usual daily T-storm around 4-5 PM. The last couple of days the storms were rougher and it mucked up the water until almost dark but I got in several mornings and several evenings.
    The fish on Raven fork and Straight fork fished well mostly. I kept a few from Raven fork right above the C&R section, some were nice fish. Had a mixture of Bows and Browns. It took me a couple of days to get back in the swing but the trick was heavy weighting on the nymphs early, mid-day was slow irregardless of what I did, and then by 3-4 PM a couple would take a swing at my indicator at which time I switched over to a stimulator or Never-sink and caught a few top side before dark. It was pretty much that way for the last 5 days or so.
    The 3 or 4 biggest fish I caught were Bows and came from the deeper runs. Otherwise I caught quite a few fish in the riffles and head waters of the pools which surprised me, but, the water was high and swift all week as opposed to last year at the same time.
    All in all a great week to enjoy the Smokies and I'm hoping for the same this weekend on the TN side. We'll be staying out toward Greenbriar and I plan to fish Roaring Fork a couple of days and just have some more fun in the river while I have time.
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    thanks for sharing. I have not been back to Cherokee in a couple years but enjoyed while there

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