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Thread: Shout Out to LRO

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    Default Shout Out to LRO

    Read this interesting blog this morning that gives a great shout out to the whole LRO crew. Thought I would share.

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    Thank you for posting this bmadd. A friend of mine was in the shop a few minutes ago and told me I should read this.

    Words can’t describe how much I appreciate what was written here. If you run a business, it does not matter what you think. What matters is what customers think. It means so much to all of us when we get positive and heartfelt feedback from you.

    Before LRO, 19 years ago, I was a fly shop customer. I know what that feels like. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it wasn’t.

    I am printing these pages and giving one to everyone who works here. I know for a fact, that everyone who serves you in this shop will be just as proud as I am right now.

    Thank you for being here for us and have a great day.


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    Every time I go into another fly shop, I'm reminded of how lucky we are to have LRO here in East Tennessee. Whether you're buying a handful of flies or a fly rod, you're offered the same level of genuine attention.

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    LRO is top-shelf in my book!

    East Tennessee is extremely lucky to have such a quality fly shop with excellent customer service! I just wished I lived closer so that I could stop in weekly. But, I order with ease from their online store and get my purchases usually within 1-2 day max. I always like to take the time to endorse and promote businesses that not only do it right; but, do it extremely well!
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