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Thread: Conundrum with recently released Helios 2 X2

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    Default Conundrum with recently released Helios 2 X2

    Upon release and receiving the new Helios 2, in particular the 5 wt Tip Flex, the 7 wt Tip Flex and a 7 wt Switch Rod Tip Flex, my fishing took me to a new and interesting journey. First of these journeys was my largest Brown Trout on the Clinch and many fish there after. I couldn't be more satisfied with these rods.

    With the exception of the Switch rod which I just received yesterday, I have fished the 5 and 7 wt at least 2 days per week in all weather conditions from a drift boat on tailwaters with no complaints until last week after 4 months of fishing these rods.

    The 5 wt broke 6-7 in. above the cork while casting. The 7 wt broke in the same 6-7 in. area above the cork three days later. Temps outside were 54 degrees. I have not subjected the rods to anything less than great treatment to and from the water, ferrules always connected properly and no streamer slapping the rods while casting. I'm not a steroid bound muscular guy forcing the rod while casting.

    Streamers fished every trip are triple articulated and game changers. These flies when held in the hand dry are for the most part weightless. After wet, there is a huge difference in weight. Coupled with either a 250 or 300 grain sinking line, the weight is similar to a boat anchor.

    When choosing the above rods there was never a reference to the types or weights of streamers recommended, therefore I felt the match was usable between rod and streamers thrown.

    After speaking with Orvis today reference a streamer such as the game changer and 6-8 in. triple articulated streamers being thrown with these new rods……..are they being stressed more than normal and beyond what might be normally intended for the rod? Their answer, per customer service is " we will check into this and let you know very soon.

    Excellent customer service as usual. Interest in solving my problem was at the top of their list. The 5 wt. was delivered today in less than 5 days after arriving at Orvis. I was impressed.

    Customer service recommended the 10 wt for the heavier streamers while the jury is out.

    Blaine who created the game changer, talked with me at the Asheville show stated he was looking for a different streamer material that wouldn't hold so much water which would affect weight hugely while casting.

    Any opinions on these new rods? Any experience in casting heavier streamers with the Helios 2 and have you found a better rod wt match to heavier streamers with the Helios 2 rods?

    Any opinions or guidance is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Orvis


    First, let me say that I am a huge fan of Orvis. I think they have the best customer service of any company I have had dealings with. I did hire a guide last year that said he had several Helios rods that broke similar to what you are describing. My friend has had a Helios for several years with no issues, but he has not been throwing flies that heavy. I just wanted to pass on the information. As for me, I have 4 older Orvis rods and about 10 reels and I will continue buying from them.
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    I have a Helios (not the 2) and like you really enjoy fishing it. The main reason I bought the rod was because it is so light and responsive. You have to wonder if the extremely light rods being made today are not as strong as older heavier rods. It seems that theoretically there is probably not as much material being used to roll the blanks for today's high-end lightweight rods to help achieve the weight savings. Just an idea. Hopefully someone who knows a bit more about the rods and their construction can either elaborate or tell me I'm way off base...

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    DK is as usual, right on..

    The new resins used in rod manufacturing these days, like those from 3M, are being substituted for overall blank thickness in an effort to reduce weight and supposedly increase rod strength. In theory, it all sounds well and good. New technology is always going to be better right..?? Increase the strength of the bond between graphite fibers with trick new resin molecules and boom... you just made the rod stronger. Now that the rod is stronger internally, you can cut down on diameter thickness to reduce weight since it's not needed anymore... The problem lies in the fine line that is now created relating to the ratio of strength/durability vs. blank thickness/weight. Are these new rods lighter... absolutely. Are the rods stronger... yes. Do they cast and feel great... yes. Are they better.... well, it's certainly a discussion point. I think that with these rod companies trying to tiptoe that line, there comes some compromises. One of those compromises is that due to the nature of how these new rods are designed, they don't appear to be as robust across the board as what we are typically use to in a rod. Does that mean that these new rods are inferior in some way... no, I don't believe so, it's just something new.

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